People are so amazed when they see a seasoned chef flip something like a fried egg in a skillet. You can learn to do it, too.

I’ll teach you using the same trick for foolproof practicing that I learned in culinary school years ago. Practicing is a key component for mastering the technique. So have some fun with it.

Once you start getting the hang of it, get brave and try practicing with a real egg.

Let me know in the comments if you have questions and share your experience with flipping.

About the Author - Chef Dennis

Chef Dennis has been a professional chef for over 40 years. He has worked in many venues in the restaurant and hospitality industry... from fast food to 4 star gourmet, to owner and executive chef, and was a founding Chef Instructor at the Baker Culinary Institute of Michigan (CIM) in Port Huron, Michigan.

Now retired, he still loves cooking at home and teaching kitchen and cooking skills.

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